30th May 2023 - 2nd June 2023 | Bizkaia Aretoa | Bilbao | Spain | Europe

Conference centre

The congress sessions will be held at Bizkaia Aretoa in Bilbao.

Bizkaia Aretoa UPV/EHU

This building is located in one of the most emblematic parts of Bilbao. L-shaped, it opens out onto the estuary and the Guggenheim Museum, right in the centre of Avenida Abandoibarra, between the Padre Arrupe footbridge and the bridge known as the Puente de Deusto.

Nowadays, this building hosts all kinds of social, cultural, academic and scientific events. It is an emblematic building designed by the architect Álvaro Siza, who has given priority to "maintaining the scale of the place, respecting cornices and placing the ground floor at the service of the pedestrian, open and permeable, offering views inside with huge wings that integrate the private space in the public area and vice versa".

Bizkaia Aretoa

Avenida Abandoibarra, 3
+34 946 018 100


Car park

The nearest car park (It is about a two-minute walk):
Plaza Euskadi car park
Plaza Euskadi s/n. (The entrance is Ramón Rubial street)
+34 944 423 343



Bilbao, the economic capital of the Basque Autonomous Community, is the centre of a metropolitan area with over one million inhabitants. Bilbao is a balanced and modern city that is an efficient, welcoming and attractive place to live, to work and to visit.

The confluence in its immediate territorial environment of high technology companies and the high educational level of its inhabitants enable the development of advanced services for companies and the knowledge economy.

Its entrepreneurial tradition and its experience linked to its spirit of innovation and searching for improvement make Bilbao a dependable city, where the efficiency and legal certainty of its institutions are a hallmark of its identity.

Bilbao, as the capital of the province of Bizkaia, has its own tax system with regulatory capacity to regulate the taxes, and with autonomy to levy and collect them.

The Bilbao brand has international prestige, reputation and positioning. It is the Guggenheim Museum, it is culture, it is excellence, transformation, company, university, technology, design, creativity… A competitive metropolis in a world of cities.

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Bilbao tourism office

Useful information about what to do, visit and eat in Bilbao and interesting places and activities near the city.


Visit Biscay

Official website for the province of Biscay. If you are interested in visiting the surroundings of Bilbao, the seaside or its most natural spaces, click on the website below.


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Euskalmet is the Basque meteorology agency. Check out the weather forecast during your stay in the Basque Country.


Cultural agenda

Bilbao's cultural agenda. Check all the events taking place in the city while you are here.



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