30th May 2023 - 2nd June 2023 | Bizkaia Aretoa | Bilbao | Spain | Europe


Our thanks for the support of our partners.

The International Pigment Cell Conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage and establish links with some of the world’s top researchers with common specific interests.

Several sponsorship packages are available. These will allow organisations the opportunity to support the Conference and be recognised appropriatelly. Additionally, there will be limited space made available in the conference venue for exhibitions of small-scale products, posters/banners or digital presentations.

The different sponsorship levels and details of the exhibition package are outlined in the following section.

Sponsoship opportunities

List of sponsors

There is no sponsor.


  • espcr
  • UPV / EHU Zientzia
  • UPV / EHU Medikuntza

Scientific Endorsement

  • GEM
  • bioCruces Bizkaia

Public Sponsors

  • Eusko Jaurlaritza, Osasun saila


  • Bristol Meyers
  • Euskampus
  • Innoprot
  • MSD
  • Proquinorte
  • Teknovas